“You are not a Graduate” – Lady Blasts David Ibiyeomie for saying COVID-19 is Malaria (Video)

She felt disappointed and then blasted the Microbiologist / General Overseer of Salvation Ministry World wide, Pastor David Ibiyeomie for saying that corona Virus Is Malaria and doesn’t exist.

A lady has expressed shock after she read and discovered that Pastor David Ibiyeomie graduated as a Microbiologist in the University and also wondered how he could make such a public statement he made recently in the viral video.

The Unnamed Lady Made a Video Blasting the Clergyman for Standing in front of thousands of his Congregation and make an Untrue Speech about Covid-19.

Recall, Torixus Reported on Monday, 18 May that Ibiyeomie in a sermon Said that, Nigeria doesn’t have Covid-19 and even if it does the figures released by the Nigeria Center for Disease Control was fake.

According to him, COVID-19 is rubbish and the government is using the deadly disease to embezzle funds.

Reacting to the Pastor’s Claim, the Lady accused him to be a misleader and that he is not a graduate of Microbiology because he has no idea about the Viral infection that have claimed Over 300,000 Lives Worldwide.

According to her, She was shocked to know from Ibiyeomie’s Biography that he Graduated from the Rivers State University and Graduated as a Microbiologist. And she doubt that the Pastor made his Way out of School.

She also stretched that the pastor made his Speech because he is in a Safe Place with his Family where food is available and that he Don’t Respect and Consider the Interest of People who are suffering due to Covid-19.

Watch the Video below:

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  1. Most he be a graduate for him to say what he said? You, yourself needs to be educated. Are you aware of what is call respect others opinion? If you school I believe you will be taught that. You can speak or air your comments but allow the man of God be. Do you know the information he got when he spoke in such manner. COVID 19 is real but the government are using it to get funds which is so true. I think you are not a Nigerian, have you heard the comment of the funder of AIT? Have you heard the comment of his son too?
    I think your body dey sweet you lady.

  2. Foolish woman, its your husband and his family that you re insulting like that if you re married at all. You are talking about the world on covid-19, did ibeyeome talk about the world generally or was he not specifically talking about Nigeria? Anu ohia, you that's a graduate and still read simple terms out of context. You think you can talk, god will take voice if not life from you if decide to fight this man. Fooooolissshh woman

  3. Dear woman,I appreciate your pain in the loss of thousands of people via covivid -19 pandemic.please your point is made.Do not degenerate into abuse of a servant of God and his Christ.They may not be perfect but have right to their idiosyncrasies.That also is the beauty of humanity.please it's OK.You don't have to be vulgar to communicate your opinion please.Learn to speak your truth quietly and the blessings of God will be with you.David is a servant of God. Thanks

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