Benue Youths set to Defend themselves, match around bushes to chase Fulani Herdsmen (Video)

Since 2011, Nigeria has faced a lot of insecurity challenges ranging from Boko-Haram terrorist, Fulani Herdsmen, bandits, and Criminals of all kinds.

Hundreds of thousands of people have been affected as a cause of insecurity in Nigeria and no visible approach is yet to see on ground.

The People of Benue are the most affected, they have suffered from the hands of some Fulani Herdsmen.

Now, the youths in Benue are set to defend themselves as they match round the bushes to chase Terrorist Fulani Herdsmen away. Torixus reports

According to them, Fulani Herdsmen takes cover in Pawpaw trees while causing mayhem..”We have cut down every Pawpaw tree in our land, to drive them away, we no longer go to Farm. Fulani Herdsmen said Benue State belongs to them”

“We can’t fold our hands and watch them kill us daily. Government is not helping us, so we have to fight back.

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  1. It is unfortunate if the government have failed to secure the lives of people such that they have to resorted to self defence. Shame on every arm of the government saddled with this responsibility. Anyway, there is no law against reasonable self defence. Let the Nigerian Police and all other military might from federal, stay clear and see that our traditional setting has provision for life and territorial security. The intruders cannot win the battle except they have direct or indirect support from the center. Benue may be on the part of freedom and terrorism. My heart bled when I remembered how they buried hundreds of their kinsmen some years back. The situation has not changed as they have reasons to cry over terror induce death almost on daily basis. Security of life is the most responsibility of partial government.

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