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Defined: The Only thing that Can Save the World from Covid-19

The World Can Only come to Normality if Coronavirus Counterfeit is introduced to the Human System through a Demilitarized water, in other to Prepare the Human Immune to tackle the genetic material coated in fatty chemicals called lipids.

Coronavirus Pandemic has been written Down not only in history Book, But also in the heart of Billions of people living in the world. It’s effect in Human life is reciprocal to the effect of second world War.
Nigerians have categories the Outbreak of Covid-19 as the Outbreak of third world war.

Coronavirus is a Virus infection Caused by Sars-cov-2, It’s replication in a catalyze way is the Most Hazardous trap it gives to people on earth. It’s mode of transmission is the reason why billions of businesses are Closed Down.

Dozens of countries fighting the Pandemic issued Policy of Lockdown few months ago and punishment to Defaulters, but many are erasing their previous policies.

Due to lack of Relief Materials, Citizens of most developing nations prefers to die suffering Coronavirus than to End up in a Room of Starvation because Lockdown measures are in Place.
In that regard, countries like Nigeria, Ghana, put to stop closedown of businesses.

The Only thing that can save the World from Covid-19 is inoculation of Vaccine.

Vaccine is the only hope, since Scientists of our time are incapable of Producing a Drug to end Severe acute respiratory Syndrome (SARS).

Vaccine is a demilitarized water produced to act as an immunity to the body against a particular Virus disease.

Scientists and research Institutes Produces Vaccine through a Direct Process of getting a Sample of the Virus counterfeit which will be injected to uninfected Human Body.

The Body’s Immune will be alerted by the injected agent to Destroy the Virus Resemblance and in doing so, it makes the Body more Immune and Strong to conquer another Resemblance of the already injected agent.

According to Wikipedia, A vaccine typically contains an agent that resembles a disease-causing microorganism and is often made from weakened or killed forms of the microbe, its toxins, or one of its surface proteins.

The Structural Form of Coronavirus had been linked to arrangement of amino Acid contents which has a Hazardous linkage and that’s why it affects the respiratory system of the Body.

Laboratory Scientists are on a mission to fathom the opposite Amino acid content of Covid-19 through drug Production which will take Years to be a Success. That’s why scientists focused more on vaccine.

Many Research Institutions are working Tirelessly to Produce a vaccine that will be Distributed to all Nations in other to ease People and bring everything to normality.

Cessation of Business functionality which was staked by almost 200 Nations is to help in curbing the widespread of the Virus.

Some Countries like United States Provided a Relief Materials to her Citizens during the lockdown in other to preserve their lives while waiting for the Government to Finish the Work of isolating infected people.

Leaders of Many Countries are Under Pressure, horse-backed by followers of their Government concerning the Lockdown. Especially in countries provided with no Relief Materials, Government are pressurized to Lift the Lockdown Policy.

Majority of Covid-19 affected countries have lifted their Lockdown Policy and Made measures that nose mask, Hand gloves and Social distancing will serve as New Measures.

Torixus reported on 21 April that the World Health Organization (WHO) warned all Leaders not to Lift the Lockdown Order because The Pandemic Outbreak will be a Long battle and will not stop Fast.

The Statement was Said on Tuesday by the WHO Regional Director for Western Pacific, Takeshi Kasai during an online media briefing in Manila.

“This is going to be a long battle. This is not the time to relax, because not lifting the Lockdown means preparing for the worst.”he said.

Microsoft Cofounder, Bill Gates Said in an Interview with FOX News on April 5, that a Message of Reality should be passed to people that Nothing will go back to normal until a Covid-19 Vaccine is administered to People.

“It is fair to say things won’t go back to truly normal until we have a vaccine that we’ve gotten out to basically the entire world,” he added.

The Whole issue is already Clear to all Eyes that the only solution right now is the Production of Vaccine.

Production of Coronavirus vaccine is the only way humans will be free from contracting Sars-cov-2, because it is Recorded that the transmission process was a spillover event but as times goes, if necessary identification is not carried out, the Virus will be a zoonotic virus because of regular transmission from animal to human Body.

Chinese Government in conjunction with World Health Organization (WHO), officials are working towards identifying the Source of the Virus. WHO reported that ‘Until the source of this virus is identified and controlled, there is a risk of reintroduction of the virus into the human population and the risk of new outbreaks like the ones we are currently experiencing.’

That’s why Vaccine is of Great important to the Human race at this time, because it will just be a Matter of time, another Outbreak of Covid-19 will emerge due to that you can’t Force Chinese People from eating Bat, suspected to be the first carrier of Sars-cov-2.

Introduction of New Vaccine has Saved People Right from 1958 when the Outbreak of Measles Killed 552 People in United States and left 763,094 infected. After vaccination took place in America, the Cases Denatured to 150 Cases Per Year.

Another Success Story linked to Making of Vaccine is the Eradication of one of the most Contagious and killer Disease in Human named “Smallpox.”

And also the Control Measures of Polio, Mumps, Chickenpox, Typhoid and Rubella has been a Success due to Production and Administration of Vaccine that tackles those heart ill.

Coronavirus as of today has Over 25 Million Reported Cases, more than 16 Million recovered Patients and More than 800,000 Deaths.

If Vaccine Production is not actualized in no Distant time, Cases will be much and will Denture Many Lives.

Written by Charles . Exclusive for Torixus.com


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