Google helps Police arrest a Married Woman for allegedly having s3x with her 15-Year-old student

A Woman named Kandice Barber in 1985, has been arrested for allegedly having s3xual intercourse with a 15-Year-old school boy.

When she was arraigned before a court, the teacher, an indigene of Wendover, Buckinghamshire, told the court that she did not commit the child sex offences and said that the boy had pestered her after she gave him her phone number so he could discuss a problem he had with another student.

The court, Aylesbury Crown previously heard that the suspect was a cover supervisor at Princes Risborough School and was bound by the same school rules that have it that teachers or non staffs should not contact students outside the school premises without an authorize permission from the school head teacher. based on report presented to Torixus, she allegedly had s3x with the boy in a green field and also sent semi-nude Photos to him through Snapchat between September and October 2018, a claim she countered by saying that hackers tampered with her social account.

She was accused of meeting with the teenager to have s3x with him on three different occasions in Mber month last two years in a playing ground, in woodland and in her 4×4 car.

The court also heard the boy admitted s3x with Ms Barber after initially denying it when rumours of his alleged relationship with her were put to him by the head teacher in January 2019.

Yesterday, 9 September, the jury heard that on September 30 2018 Ms barber Googled “what is the name of someone you are having an affair with?” and the word “alibi” before Googling seconds later “when you have a plan of where you have been.”

She also went to Google search to type “a lie of where you have been” before later looking up “good secluded areas,” and “Holiday Inn, Wycombe.”

While speaking about her actions, she said, that she woke up at about 5 in the morning together with her mother and “I were going to set up a car boot sale.

“On the way there was a name of a film that was bugging me, so I Googled those words. We were trying to remember the film name.

“I thought the name had something to do with adultery but it turned out to be the film Fatal Attraction.”

She further stated that she typed on Google to search the hotel for her son’s Dad to stay in while he visited and “good secluded areas” was in relation to wanting to take her dog for a walk off the lead as he “absolutely loves lakes.”

When the Judge, Mr. Francis Sheridan told the accused that though the boy called her on mobile three times, that she made the majority of the phone calls. she responded by saying;

“A lot of the time I am calling because he has contacted me on Snapchat saying ‘call me, call me.’

“Now I think he was clearly infatuated and obsessed with me. For me it was all perfectly innocent conversation.”

According to the accuser, the school teacher asked the 15-year-old boy to trash the messages between the two after rumoured sparked around the school of the alleged romance going on between her and the boy.

Ms Barber denied three counts of causing or inciting a child aged under 16 to engage in a sexual act, one count of sexual communication with a child, one count of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activities while in a position of trust, and one count of causing a child to watch a sexual act by a person in a position of trust.


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